Saturday, December 31, 2011

twenty eleven. favorites.

i must have saved all my pictures as extremely tiny files at the beginning of last year.
oops! but you get the idea from these little pictures.

{i didn't include any outfits from nov. or dec. because i figured that was too recent.}

of these 16 outfits:
12 had some type of floral pattern on it. haha.
i also noticed that i loved almost every outfit that i wore suspenders with.
and i barely picked any outfits that were dresses...
lots of skirts and shorts. very interesting.

and there you have it.

see you next year.
be safe tonight.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas eve.

here are a few photos of the week leading up to christmas
and a little peek at christmas eve.

hanging out with a chubby babe in a sweet cardigan.

some decorations around the apartment.
{notice the nice pile of quilts that i scored for $5!}

some sweet cousins. haha.

blurry bulb.

wrapped some presents.

christmas eve outfit.
this dress was great-grandma bannister's and she gave it to me for christmas last year!
{i forgot to get a picture with me and her together on my camera}
and check out those velvet heels i picked up at salvation army for a couple bucks. i love them!

reindeer sweaters on some handsome boys.

sweet baby girl reading with her momma.

it has been such a lovely weekend.
going back to work today was so depressing! haha.
but i'm getting excited for the wedding that i'm shooting this week!
and i'm trying to get to know my new camera a little better.
{sorry for some of the not-so-crisply-focused photos... oops!}
have a great night! xo.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

twelve drummers drumming.

on the twelfth day of christmas, my true love gave to me...
twelve drummers drumming.

boots, shirt, shorts, & suspenders - all vintage thrifted

so here is a little story about this outfit...
after we shot these photos, i ended up wearing this all day.
... i've been wearing vintage clothes regularly for about 9 years
and i'm extremely used to people thinking that it's weird & ugly.
{kids in middle school can be brutal. salvation army was for gross poor people ;) }
but in all my years of wearing vintage outfits,
i have never had as many comments / staring / people laughing at me
as i did in this outfit.
which is bizarre to me... because i've worn way wilder stuff than this.

i was christmas shopping after work and one of the worker ladies said,
"ohh, hunny did you just come from dance? or a play?"
me: "nope, this is just how i dress."
lady: "interesting."

at the next store {salvation army!} the guy at the counter was like,
"so, is this for a special occasion or is this just how you dress?"
come on buddy, judging by the pile of whack clothes i'm buying,
it's probably safe to assume this is just how i dress.

every single store i stopped at someone asked me what the deal was.
and the boys working at taco bell were pointing and laughing. haha. for real!
{i find it hard to believe that i'm the craziest dressed person that eats at taco bell...?}

but, i've grown used to it over the years with comments like,
"oh my goodness, my grandma has the most hideous collection of dresses!...
cait, it might be something you'd be interested in." ha! {i'll take 'em!}
oh, joy.

thanks for staying tuned for this mini series!
it's actually quite sad that it's over.
a million thank-you's to justin for all his help the past couple weeks.
go show him some love & check out his lovely work: facebook, twitter, blog

merry christmas eve sweeties!
off to finish wrapping & start celebrating!

Friday, December 23, 2011

eleven pipers piping.

on the eleventh day of christmas, my true love gave to me...
eleven pipers piping.

vintage dress - soon to be for sale at mooies
rings, belt, top, boots - vintage thrifted
{did you notice the picture of the 1925 picnic... those clothes! so stinkin' cute.}

photography - justin michau photography

well, i finally got to work on some christmas projects last night!
and i am really loving how a few of them have turned out.
{hopefully i'll be able to share a few photos of the projects next week!}
i can't believe christmas is in two days!! eek!

i hope you all have some exciting stuff planned for this weekend!