Monday, January 23, 2012


some little adventures i've had lately
that my canon ae-1 has tagged along to snap some photos of:

went on some hikes.

went ice skating {a.k.a. learned that i didn't know how to anymore}

went out and explored buffalo with some friends.
visited some of their awesome apartments while i was there.
{i have major apartment envy.}

went thrifting with some sweet friends.

spent an afternoon taking some self portraits.

worked on getting the shop organized for my upcoming sale!

every time i get a roll of film developed, i get all giddy!
there's something magic about it, you just never know what you'll get!
and hopefully i'll get better at using it soon ;)

happy monday! xo.


  1. i love the ice skating pics. and you just made me want to shoot with film with that statement about getting excited to see your pictures - so remember that!!

  2. I love looking at film photos, there is something so magical and real about them. These are all gorgeous. Thanks for stopping by mo blog!