Thursday, January 19, 2012

blowin' in the wind.

vintage floral bodysuit - thrifted
vintage navy light cardigan -thrifted
vintage reebok tennis skirt - thrifted {was my favorite back in 9th grade}
scarf worn as belt - stole from manda
navy sheer tights - thrifted
cat socks - thrifted
brown heels - charlotte russe

so looking forward to this weekend.
relaxing, cleaning, crafting, finally painting over the terrible wood paneling in our living room...
it should be great!

here is a terrible little outtake from our windy outfit shoot...
{but it made tori & i laugh enough to share.}

hahaha. oops. it looks bizarre with my body suit over my tights.
i think it looks like i'm wearing a cup. hahaha! sick!
everyone driving by got quite a few sneak peeks.


  1. Great socks and shoes!! I'm totally cracking up at the last blooper shot too. :D

  2. What a beautiful blog you have! Love your style and your photographs are so lovely. I shall stop by more often! xx!

  3. I am in love with your socks! This look is absolutely adorable.

  4. Your socks add such personality to the whole outfit. I'm digging it.

    xoxo mama wolf.
    p.s. that last photo is really cute ha!

  5. haa - that last photo!! love the little polka dots on that skirt.

  6. i love this look! the socks and sandals are perfection! have a lovely weekend :)


  7. thank you so much for the wonderful comment of my blog. <3

    these pictures are so lovely and you look so beautiful.
    i really love all the patterns you mixed in this outfit. esp. those fabulous socks.
    the outtake picture is one of the best ones i have seen. hahaha. i have some pretty horrible ones myself. :P
    have a wonderful weekend.

  8. hahaha!!! Oh my! Thank goodness you were wearing a body suit! The outfit is so pretty and I love the socks with it.

  9. At first I thought your socks and shoes were just shoes and I was baffled... how did they work? How would you even put them on? Now that I know they are separate, I love the combination!

  10. This outfit is beautiful! I love the floral with the tiny polka dots. Wonderful colors and prints. The socks and heels is so pretty too. I love that look. I especially love the last shot. I'm so glad you included it. We've all been there.