Monday, January 30, 2012

painting the paneling!

after 9 months of dealing with dark & dreary wood paneling in our living room...
i finally painted the walls! {with the help of my sweet cousins}
we still have some decorating & reorganizing to do,
but it's so much brighter and i'm so much happier!
now we just need to convince our landlord to get new carpeting in here...


  1. That looks amazing. My bedroom is wood paneling and I don't know why. The only room in the entire house. Not even the room next to it is wood paneling. Anyways, it's so dark and dreary and I have contemplated painting it, but I've heard not all paint/methods work. But this is inspiring!

  2. looks so so good! what a great little painter you are!

  3. I had wood paneling in an old apartment and painted it too. makes such a difference! good work!

  4. this looks amazing! it really just totally brightened up the whole room :)