Tuesday, January 31, 2012

this snow keeps fallin'.

tights - forever21
everything else - thrifted

i am trying to figure out how to do my hair differently now that it's getting long.
this was an attempt at a 50's pin-up style i found on youtube.
it went horribly wrong but i left part of it in just to show you that i tried.
i have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to hair & make-up... oh well!!
i'm a simple lady! haha.

tori took these pictures for me over the weekend when we had quite a bit of snow
but today it is over 50 degrees outside!
and here i am just sitting at my desk at work staring outside at the sunny day i'm missing!

on a different note,
one week from today i will be on a train heading to nyc for the ifb conference!
oh. my. goodness.
so excited!!


  1. gorgeous look, girl! i love these photos too. the bow on your dress is especially precious. xx

  2. Thanks for braving the snow for us! This is an adorable take on a "school girl" outfit - like a school girl all grown up. And that bright blue jacket is rocking.

  3. i love your dress, and the bow, so cute! your pictures look so lovely in the snow:)

  4. These photos are beautiful, loving your coat :)

  5. These are really beautiful photos!! I love the fourth one of your face with the snow falling all around and landing in your hair. Your coat is fabulous as is the little jumper. You make it seem perfectly sane to be hanging around outside during a snow storm. Love the hair too! So pretty much what I'm saying is I love everything about this post. :D

  6. Such pretty photos! You're gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer


  7. pretty pretty ensemble! love that blouse! and that snow looks so lovely. never thought i'd be saying this, but i really do miss the snow. kinda wish the winter had brought more, haha oh well.

  8. the weather is so weird everywhere lately! Your hair might not have came out right but it is super cute. I feel the same way though. I never learned how to do my hair or makeup so I'm trying to learn now...in my 30s. I swear I'm going to hire someone to teach my daughter how to when she gets older so she isn't clueless like me!

  9. wow you have the most amazing luck thrifting coats- that coat and jumper is amazing as well. love the snow falling in your hair & the diff picture angles, def have to try more diff poses and angles myslef- thx for the reminder. hope you have a wonderful weekend : )