Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentine's day!

red blouse - vintage thrifted
braided belt - vintage thrifted
vintage levi's - from a teacher, she wore them back in the 70's.
faux fur collar - h&m, thrifted
red heels - vintage thrifted

the necklace is a gift my mom & dad gave to me when i was little.
i remember fighting with one of my brother's friends because they were in my room trying to steal my stuff
{they liked to pretend they were robbers}
and i got so mad because they were stealing my favorite necklace
so i grabbed it out of his hand and then he grabbed the chain and broke it.
{there is only a little bit of chain left on each side of the 'envelope'}
it still hasn't been fixed after all these years!
but it's still one of my favorite pieces of jewelry.

here are a couple photos from when the girls & i were out being crazy:

happy valentine's day, sweet things!


  1. happy valentine's day! lovely photos as always. u look fabulous but i bet you were cold! have a lovely day :)



  2. Happy Valentine's Day!

    Love your hair and lipstick in these shots.

  3. The look with the red top looks beautiful again the snow! Beautiful photos as always :)

  4. loving the high waisted levi's and the red lips!!

  5. You look lovely- I love your hair like that & those jeans are amazing! Lucky you thrifting a faux fur collar. fun pictures with your friends too!