Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i got stripes, stripes around my shoulders.

36.5 blouse & mystique skirt - madness {nyc}
nature breeze platforms - some shop near chinatown
tights - wal-mart
socks - vintage thrifted

most of the goodies i'm wearing were items i bought while in nyc.
this is probably the most expensive outfit i've ever worn
besides my prom dress and cross-country uniform.

{it cost a total of $68!... most of my outfits cost between $10-$20}

this blouse is easily my favorite that i own now.
i've worn it three times in the past week! {without washing.... oops}

hope you've had a great ash wednesday!


  1. i LOVE this outfit! that blouse and those shoes are to die for! the shoes look just like litas, but i bet they were way less expensive. perfection :)



  2. These colors are amazing together and I love the socks with the tights!

  3. The blouse is gorgeous no wonder why you have been wearing it so many times! It's gorgeous I have a blouse very similar actually and I love it :)

  4. your outfits never cease to amaze me. I absolutely love the shoes and the blouses, and the tights and the skirt, and the socks. all of it! superb location for the shots.

  5. Those are some ca-razy shoes! Way it rock it!