Friday, February 24, 2012

some film shots.

a few shots from the past few weeks off my 35mm {i finally got that roll developed}
some with miss joanna when we were getting on the train.
and a few from the photoshoot of the girls.
i try to snag a few shots on film just because i love the feel.
but it's a little too expensive to take only film photos all the time.

have a great weekend! xo.


  1. wow incredible photos- amazing job!! The snow looks so beautiful and everyone looks just as lovely too (although i can't believe the no coats). How'd you make that double effect in the top photo on film?

  2. The top picture is just gorgeous. I love the emptiness and the fog of the train station.

  3. love the one with the see-through girls in the snow and the last two photos...beautiful & creative!

  4. You take really beautiful photos!
    They are so cold you can almost feel the snow. Amazing!

  5. these are stunning photos! i really can't choose a favorite... they all are beautiful...!

  6. Your photos are beautiful I always enjoy them and I agree, Ilove film but is a bit expensive after a while :)

  7. These are beautiful! sometimes you just can't beat old fashioned film!

    Lindsey Turner

  8. i absolutely LOVE the tones in that last pic. and the braid. fantastic!