Friday, April 20, 2012

breezy buttons.

i wore this skirt {styled slightly different} on easter.
and i wore it yesterday to work since it was still laying on floor waiting to be put away.... oops.

one of my sweetest and longest-known friends got back from tanzania yesterday!
and in 6 weeks she's getting married!! tomorrow is the first of quite a few bridal showers.
super excited to make some gifts for her tonight!

everything is thrifted & vintage. go me!

have a lovely weekend!!


  1. looking lovely, and once again have amazing photography. you are so poised and natural in front of the camera. I wish! Well done on wearing everything thrifted/vintage. Again - I wish! I especially love the shoes.

  2. I love how much sky you included in these pictures. :)

  3. so pretty! I love the sky in this photo. And I love that you thrifted your whole outfit!