Monday, April 16, 2012

one saturday morning.

did any of you guys watch one saturday morning when you were younger?
i loved it! and this has nothing to do with all those sweet shows,
but this was my saturday morning this past weekend...

picked up the three little munchkins and met up with some of our sweet cousins
{after stopping at a few garage sales ;) }
and we headed over to the play ground.

then we had a nice little picnic. {love those baby hands.}

went to springdale farms to check out all the animals.
our first stop was to feed the mean and slightly terrifying geese.

stopped to watch the cute piglets snuggle.

said hi to mr. peacock that didn't seem to like us very much.

fed the ponies. malacai was the only one of the boys that was brave enough to try.

then we stopped by mcdonald's for some ice cream before dropping them back off at dad's.

i got myself a delicious smoothie. that ended up having to be shared with all three of the little moochers.

that evening i went out on a date night with my big brother.
we went to the movies, out to dinner, and then did some thrifting.

it was such a great saturday.
i hope yours was just as grand!


  1. oh my word, those baby piglets. are amazing.

  2. those sweet little piggies!!
    not surprised that malacai was the only one who would feed the ponies...
    having to share any delicious treat you get...welcome to my world! :)

  3. lovely photos! i agree with the other commenters, those little piglets are just TOO cute! looks like you had a great saturday :)