Monday, May 14, 2012

down by the river.

i've been such a horrible blogger lately!
there's just so much going on.
and i haven't been around anyone that has wanted to take outfit photos for me.

this week will be another busy one...
working on a few projects around the apartment, a few projects for levi's birthday party this weekend,
and a few projects for my friend's wedding in a couple weeks.
plus i am shooting a wedding this friday.
so it should be an exciting week!

i went up to the lake this past weekend to spend some time with my big brother & grandparents.
gram made her famous chicken & biscuits {which were amazing as always}
zac and i hiked through the trails and collected driftwood & other treasures along the shore.
we even got to go to an auction and some garage sales while i was there.
then they came back to dad's on sunday and we all spent mothers' day together.
it was a lovely weekend.

my brother {and photographer for the day.}


  1. Great photos the place looks beautiful. You have a grea photographer on your side ;)

  2. That hat really brings out your personality.

  3. Amazing blog and your photos too darling!:)