Tuesday, May 8, 2012

fancy friends :: rachel

sometimes i get tired of having pictures taken of myself
and so i've got to thinking lately... i have tons of beautiful friends that aren't in the blog world
but have some amazing vintage finds that should be featured for all to see!
so i'm just going to start putting them on here!

one of my very best friends, rachel, wore this insanely amazing vintage dress
when we went out to eat and i immediately fell in love with it.
the pattern of the fabric paired with the design of the dress is perfection.
check it out:

beautiful dress, stunning lady!
(sorry for the softly focused pictures, my lens has been having some issues since a little accident it had..)

rae, if you ever feel the need to get rid of this gem... you know my number.


  1. Wow beautiful! Love the dress :)

  2. ah, this is an amazing dress! lovely pictures.

  3. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Great tattoo too!

  4. wow - that dress is amazing!! love it. and she looks so much like her mama!

  5. Beautiful dress and photos! I just wandered into your blog after a Google search. Will definitely add your blog and your shop to my blogroll so I can come back. I love your shop. Wish I had more time today to look but will for sure take some time later to shop!


  6. My gorgeous sister ... and great pics by my OTHER gorgeous sister. MUCH L<3VE