Thursday, July 26, 2012

flowers for sale.


skirt, shirt, scarf - vintage thrifted
heels - thrifted
beaded jacket - forever 21

oh little blog, i've missed you. [but i haven't missed how stubborn you are.]
trying to make some changes to my blog last night/this morning is giving me a headache!
technology and i just don't get a long very well...

i was in buffalo last weekend and decided to treat myself to some shopping.
forever 21 was having a buy one get one free sale on all their clearance! which was amazing.
and then i let myself "splurge" on a dress at u.o.
because sometimes you just deserve to buy something you want that is $20. haha!

hope you all have been doing well while i've been neglecting my blog!


  1. what a lovely new layout! it seems you got through the difficulties of html! :) haha

    i love your heels and that beaded jacket. so pretty!

  2. gorgeous mix of florals, I love this bohemian look on you.