Friday, August 31, 2012

a weekend away.

i spent last weekend up in the adirondacks with some long time family friends. it was nice to take a break from phones and computers and take time to simply appreciate all the beauty that i forget about when i'm carried away with work and other nonsense that i do. the first night we were there we hiked down to the shore and stared up at the most star-filled sky i have ever seen. it was overwhelming! i wish a camera could capture exactly what my eyes were seeing. God never ceases to amaze me.

throughout the weekend we ate lots of oatmeal, dinty moore, and s'mores. went sailing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, and waded through a lot of muck! had a mini church service on sunday morning that touched my heart. went to bed late and got up early. had the most perfect camping weather EVER. listened to a screech owl - maybe being terrified by a screech owl would be more accurate. i even started reading the shack - which is impressive because i never read. 

it really was an amazing weekend but i have to admit it was nice to come home
and sit on a real toilet to pee, shower for the first time in four days, and not sleep on tree roots.

xo. see you again soon adks.

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