Monday, August 13, 2012

jury duty.

 hugs with this little sweetie.

today i reported for jury duty. i was so not looking forward to it and trying to figure out my
work schedule was a pain! luckily i got to sleep-in more than i normally do when i have work.
then i went and spent an hour hanging out with my little brothers before i headed over.
i filled out lots of forms, watched a bizarre movie about jury duty, then we went into the court
room so they could choose the jurors and then we were told that the defendant accepted the plea
bargain. so i'm free for six more years! yippee!
then i stopped back by dad's on the way home and hung out with the little guys again.
can't get enough of sweet little levi.

p.s. as i was writing this post a car drove by and smashed our neighbors' mailboxes. [three of them]
it was extremely loud and slightly terrifying!

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  1. cute shirt! so lucky to get out of jury duty! {hopefully we never get summoned again!}

    holy cannoli about your neighbors' mailboxes!!