Monday, September 17, 2012


about a week and a half ago my camera decided to die. it would turn on the then freeze and
nothing would work. i called canon and talked to technical support for way too long and they
walked me through a few different things to try to fix the problem. no luck. they told me to
send it in and they would try to fix it since it is still under warranty (thank God!)
eleven days later and still no camera. no word from canon at all actually.
of course, since i don't have my camera, i've been in the mood to shoot all. the. time.
i've been doing lots of brainstorming for fun shoots to do once i get my little baby back.

but i get so impatient.

sooo... saturday morning i made two of my lovely cousins get up at sunrise
so we could have a mini sunrise session with my canon ae-1
(that is also having its share of issues lately, but oh well!)

and i decided to share a few photos while i'm waiting to get my blog back on track!

1 comment:

  1. That sounds frustrating! I hope you get it back soon! Congratulations on a great post in the meantime..
    R x