Tuesday, November 27, 2012

faba's horse party!

last month one of the sweetest little ladies i know turned two!
here's a few [too many] photos from her party:
levi was pulling fabs around in the wagon. is there anything sweeter?!

 manda, marla, and i handstamped our outfits for the party:
[inspired by elsie's dress tutorial]

happiest of birthdays to you, sweet fabienne joy!

check manda and marla's blogs for more details & photos of the party.


  1. What a sweet little girlie!

    And that party - amazing!

  2. amazing pictures as always! i like to see what pictures you pick and what you pair together. i think i'm using like all of them - haa! there were too many good ones.
    and that pic of your dad and levi is one of my favorite ever - i love it!
    why can't we do this for a living?!?!
    {need to get my post up pronto!}

  3. I love everything about this post! The party looks perfect and that little one is so precious!

  4. my parties would be lost without you! love that ruffle banner.