Tuesday, January 31, 2012

this snow keeps fallin'.

tights - forever21
everything else - thrifted

i am trying to figure out how to do my hair differently now that it's getting long.
this was an attempt at a 50's pin-up style i found on youtube.
it went horribly wrong but i left part of it in just to show you that i tried.
i have no idea what i'm doing when it comes to hair & make-up... oh well!!
i'm a simple lady! haha.

tori took these pictures for me over the weekend when we had quite a bit of snow
but today it is over 50 degrees outside!
and here i am just sitting at my desk at work staring outside at the sunny day i'm missing!

on a different note,
one week from today i will be on a train heading to nyc for the ifb conference!
oh. my. goodness.
so excited!!

Monday, January 30, 2012

painting the paneling!

after 9 months of dealing with dark & dreary wood paneling in our living room...
i finally painted the walls! {with the help of my sweet cousins}
we still have some decorating & reorganizing to do,
but it's so much brighter and i'm so much happier!
now we just need to convince our landlord to get new carpeting in here...

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

bows & backpacks.

floral sweater - vintage thrifted
black vest - h&m
black pleated skirt - vintage thrifted
floral tights - forever 21
belt - vintage thrifted
backpack - thrifted
green heels - vintage thrifted
clip-on bow tie - vintage thrifted
swell photos by miss tori!

{sorry for such a dark outfit!}

i was wearing these floral tights a few weeks ago
and i had been shopping and was walking in the parking lot back to my car
a 50-ish year old guy with a long pony tail was walking towards me
and yelled, "WOAH! those are some killer stockings! i thought you had a serious disease at first."
hahaha. thanks buddy!

hope the beginning of your week is going great!

Monday, January 23, 2012


some little adventures i've had lately
that my canon ae-1 has tagged along to snap some photos of:

went on some hikes.

went ice skating {a.k.a. learned that i didn't know how to anymore}

went out and explored buffalo with some friends.
visited some of their awesome apartments while i was there.
{i have major apartment envy.}

went thrifting with some sweet friends.

spent an afternoon taking some self portraits.

worked on getting the shop organized for my upcoming sale!

every time i get a roll of film developed, i get all giddy!
there's something magic about it, you just never know what you'll get!
and hopefully i'll get better at using it soon ;)

happy monday! xo.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

the sunday extra {4}

this weekend i'm giving my living room a serious makeover!
this wood paneling will soon be painted.
getting the dark & dreary out of this apartment.
can't wait to share the results!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

blowin' in the wind.

vintage floral bodysuit - thrifted
vintage navy light cardigan -thrifted
vintage reebok tennis skirt - thrifted {was my favorite back in 9th grade}
scarf worn as belt - stole from manda
navy sheer tights - thrifted
cat socks - thrifted
brown heels - charlotte russe

so looking forward to this weekend.
relaxing, cleaning, crafting, finally painting over the terrible wood paneling in our living room...
it should be great!

here is a terrible little outtake from our windy outfit shoot...
{but it made tori & i laugh enough to share.}

hahaha. oops. it looks bizarre with my body suit over my tights.
i think it looks like i'm wearing a cup. hahaha! sick!
everyone driving by got quite a few sneak peeks.