Friday, March 30, 2012

sneak peek. spring lookbook.

i got my roll of film developed that i shot while justin was shooting my shop's spring lookbook
there were a few gems in there. can't wait to share the full lookbook!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

in a tree tent.

please excuse the shoes being a little small...
i actually wore this outfit with a different pair of shoes
but i didn't have time to take picture of it on the day that i wore it.
so the next time tori and i went to take outfit photos i brought the outfit along but forgot the shoes,
so i had this pair in my car from the lookbook shoots. and i had to make them work.

dancing for tori^ haha.
dress, socks, & heels - vintage thrifted

i loved this huge pine tree that we took photos under.
we had to climb in like it was a tent. all the branches were sagging down to the ground!
it was nice though because it was raining when we went to take pictures,
so the shelter was perfect.

also... welcome to the season of seeing my disturbingly white legs everyday.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

floral on floral.

dress, shoes, & hatbox - thrifted
tights - forever21 {i believe.}

check over on justin's blog for some sneak peeks at the spring lookbook that we've been working on.
so excited to share it soon!

Monday, March 26, 2012

a vintage circus party.

sweet little malacai turned four a couple weeks ago.
manda threw him an amazing vintage circus themed party.
here are a few pictures i snapped. {or maybe more than a few}.

sweet little birthday boy.

mally drinking some delicious shirley temple. levi smiling at yummy cookies.

and now for some of the circus-inspired fashion from the party:

tiny weebs sporting a vintage lion sweater.

manda wore:
a dress she bought from my shop,
a thrifted necklace from me :)
and a thrifted cardidgan??

i wore:
vintage thrifted tuxedo jacket
vintage thrifted striped shirt & belt
hand-me-down white jeans
thrifted bow
vintage thrifted knee high boots
vintage top hat - borrowed from a friend

do you like the ringmaster look?!

miss fabienne wore:
vintage thrifted top & thrifted leggings {from her favorite cousin! (; }

there were lots of others there that didn't feel like going all out & dressing up. which makes me sad.
i'm already planning my outfit for the next theme birthday party!
i hope i have kids that love to play dress up one day. joy!

one of those refusing to dress up: {my sweet dad}

a couple shots i stole from the photobooth:

go check out the real party pictures over on manda's blog!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

boys weekend.

last week while manda was having surgery on her foot
i got to spend a lot of time with my crazy little brothers.

they came over and spent the night at the apartment with tori & me.

we went to watch for trains as the sun was going down.
handsome little malacai.

levi was obviously quite excited. hahahah.


this turned out to be probably the longest train i have ever seen.
the boys were loving it.

this funny little guy had peed all over his shirt so he had to borrow one of my tank-tops.
he kept walking around all goofy and laughing at himself.
he said, "daddy and mommy are going to be so mad that i'm wearing a daughter."
i'm not quite sure what that means. but he makes up the craziest stuff.

it's been warm enough to play in the water already!
the boys washed my car when they weren't busy drinking from the hose.

tiny babe enjoying the st. patrick's day sun!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

sneaky summer.

sometimes i can't take our photoshoots seriously
so i do strange things because i know tori loves it....

i haven't done a post in forever! sorry!
normal day-job work & working on shop updates/lookbook stuff has been taking up so much time.
and whatever time is left over i want to be out soaking up this sun!

it's 77 degrees outside right now. heaven!
so excited to be bringing out all my summer dresses in march!!
i wore this beauty yesterday, i thrifted it this winter and haven't had a chance to wear it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the birds, they sing.

floral skirt - thrifted
floral tank - thrifted
lace top - gift from dewey
belt - stole from tori
socks - vintage thrifted
heels - some shop in nyc near chinatown
photos - by tori

woke up this morning to lots of birds chirping.
so excited for the beginning of spring!
hoping that the snow is gone for the season. please?

working away on editing photos and measuring crazy amounts of clothes to soon be listed.