Friday, August 31, 2012

a weekend away.

i spent last weekend up in the adirondacks with some long time family friends. it was nice to take a break from phones and computers and take time to simply appreciate all the beauty that i forget about when i'm carried away with work and other nonsense that i do. the first night we were there we hiked down to the shore and stared up at the most star-filled sky i have ever seen. it was overwhelming! i wish a camera could capture exactly what my eyes were seeing. God never ceases to amaze me.

throughout the weekend we ate lots of oatmeal, dinty moore, and s'mores. went sailing, hiking, swimming, canoeing, and waded through a lot of muck! had a mini church service on sunday morning that touched my heart. went to bed late and got up early. had the most perfect camping weather EVER. listened to a screech owl - maybe being terrified by a screech owl would be more accurate. i even started reading the shack - which is impressive because i never read. 

it really was an amazing weekend but i have to admit it was nice to come home
and sit on a real toilet to pee, shower for the first time in four days, and not sleep on tree roots.

xo. see you again soon adks.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

vintage book baby shower.

this weekend i got to help with a super sweet baby shower for rachel & baby bo.
victoria, katie, and manda let me sneak in on their party prep team so i could fill up my down time 
at the office last week making some fun diy projects to help decorate.

made some pinwheels to top delicious s'more cupcakes made by manda.
ate some delicious food.
katie made cute cards for the drinks.
miss amelia drinking out of the party "cups".
elephant mobile made by dad, sewn by yours truly.
a mini book banner i made. probably the most fun of all the projects.
beautiful bouquets by katie in the sweetest vintage book page vases.
delicious desserts all made by manda.
she also made that tiny book banner on the cake!! so adorable!
probably my favorite decoration at the party.
the cute momma trying out some baby food for the baby food guessing game.
favor table: little library cards made by manda for parenting tips/little love notes
bookmarks by manda & me and delicious mini apple pies by manda.

pretty sweet, right?
so thankful to be a part of it
and can't wait to meet little bonsa once he makes the trip all the way from africa!

check manda & rachel's blogs for more pictures & details.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

barn & livery.

[crazy hairs!]

gotta love this sweet cousin of mine.
she recently has gotten into wearing vintage high waist shorts all the time - and i'm loving it!
the only bad part about it is that when we go thrifting together i have to run around the store
so she doesn't steal all the good stuff before i get there!

i had to snap a couple photos of her since she color coordinated with this barn so well!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

back to school.

 beaded necklace - made by my sweet boss
round ring - gift from my big brother
everything else - thrifted by yours truly

 i'm not actually going back to school (thank God!)
but everyone keeps talking about how school is starting back up again
and i'm pretty sure 8 year old me would be so jealous of this outfit.
it would have been a great first day of school outfit!
but now it's just a "i'm a bum" going to work outfit.

Thursday, August 16, 2012


a film shot from our mini vacation. we woke up early to watch the sunrise.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

don't go into that barn.

necklaces, denim jacket, floral leotard, heels - thrifted
skirt - some little shop in nyc

malacai got to walk across to the neighbors barn with tori and i to take these photos because earlier
in the day i had taken lincoln for a ride in my car and mal cried the entire time we were gone!
poor little guy! so he got to jump in and play for a few photos. spinning and getting squeezed.
he's one of the sweetest & funniest little boys i've ever met. so thankful for this goofball!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

jury duty.

 hugs with this little sweetie.

today i reported for jury duty. i was so not looking forward to it and trying to figure out my
work schedule was a pain! luckily i got to sleep-in more than i normally do when i have work.
then i went and spent an hour hanging out with my little brothers before i headed over.
i filled out lots of forms, watched a bizarre movie about jury duty, then we went into the court
room so they could choose the jurors and then we were told that the defendant accepted the plea
bargain. so i'm free for six more years! yippee!
then i stopped back by dad's on the way home and hung out with the little guys again.
can't get enough of sweet little levi.

p.s. as i was writing this post a car drove by and smashed our neighbors' mailboxes. [three of them]
it was extremely loud and slightly terrifying!