Friday, February 1, 2013

jordan. week 22.

there's this girl. jordan. and for the past couple of years i have read her blog, followed her on instagram, and even became her facebook friend! we decided a few weeks ago that we should do a maternity series together and after a couple unsuccessful attempts at getting together, we finally made it happen - even though the rain tried to stop us. and so, on tuesday, we finally met. in real life!

it was just incredible to meet an internet friend face to face. especially one that is so beautiful, creative, and thoughtful. no, seriously, she sent me home with the sweetest little gift bag!

thankful to have finally met this lady and am so looking forward to our next shoot!


  1. These pictures (and mama) are beautiful!

  2. what stunning photos! it's really cool you got to meet an internet friend. social media really makes you feel like you know so much about people you've never met, it's fun to actually form a real friendship from the internet :)

    come say hello MOCCASIN RUN